Years 7 and 8 PSHE Study Morning

Thursday 1 October 2015

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PSHE (1)

The first PSHE Study Morning for the Senior School was held on Wednesday. The girls worked hard throughout the morning to develop their knowledge of how they learn best, and applied this to lots of different scenarios. They spent time in the library developing their information literacy, attended a workshop on how they work best in a group and considered different ways of remembering information with Mrs Teear. The girls were also shown by Miss Martin how to ensure they research safely and accurately on the internet and worked hard to be a team with Mrs Mackenzie. The girls were superb and engaged really well with all the workshops to really ensure they get the most out of their learning at Moira House. These transferable skills form part of their ‘toolkit for life’ and will enable our girls to make the most of every learning experience. Jemima is pictured as the test pilot for her team during Mrs Barber’s workshop, as she tries to put a pin into a balloon without popping it!