Science is all around us from the technology we use to the medication we take, so science is tremendously varied, with something for everyone. Ever wondered why DNA is the most exciting discovery of the 20th Century? Why toothpaste cleans our teeth? Or even how microwaves cook food?

At GCSE students study for separate awards in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, or, alternatively Single Science is available.

From September 2014, Year 9 and 10 students will study IGCSE Physics, Chemistry and Biology separately, working towards either a Science Double Award or three separate Sciences, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, in Year 11.

At A Level we offer all three sciences taught by subject specialists. Lessons encourage enquiry, with discussion of concepts plus hands on laboratory based experiments or external fieldwork.

Activities outside of the classroom include visits to interesting events and several major trips such as a nature trail week in Florida, a course at the world famous NASA Space Camp in Alabama, USA and a unique expedition to Costa Rica with its exotic wildlife.

Science at Moira House is interesting, dynamic and fun