Roedean International

Friday 28 June 2019

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Roedean International had a busy and challenging year developing English language skills, and packing in a huge amount of learning, but it’s been one packed with activity, friendship and fun!

From the outset, the Pre A Level girls knew they had to take between 4 and 8 GCSE examinations in one year! No easy task but they rose to the challenge with the expectation of high results.

With Pre A on study leave, the Pre GCSE girls continued their journey. They engaged with a wider array of the wonderful school activities, for example Just Sing, Roman Day, Rockpools Day, visits to Battle Abbey, Drussillas Park and the theatre to see The Woman in Black, to name but a few.

Our programme of cultural and fun trips and visits began with our outing to the pantomime Cinderella at Eastbourne’s Devonshire Theatre. A glittering carriage pulled by a magnificent flying horse formed the opening set. Despite all the fun created on stage, and the witty rapport between the main characters, even the most romance-averse of the girls could not help but be excited for Prince Charming’s ball to begin!

Next off to London’s Royal Academy to experience two amazing exhibitions. The exquisite, fragile drawings of Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele were on display for the first time in the UK. Their distortion of the human body proved to be provocative, radical and scandalous in 20th-century Vienna, pushing possibilities of Art-Nouveau. Black Mirror was the second, which brought together 26 contemporary artists displaying quirky, murky collages, caricatures, paintings and photography with the premise of social satire: interrogating political unrest and creativity. The whole event provoked and inspired our students and many implemented a new dimension into their work.

Team-building and fun was our aim at The Escape Room in Brighton. It involved a timed treasure hunt where the girls had to solve a series of connected puzzles with one ultimate aim: to complete all games in 60 minutes. The puzzles required all sorts of skills such as logical thinking, searching for clues, navigating, quick reactions, word association, or simple stuff like counting the number of ladybirds on a teapot! The important thing though, is they had to work together and team Ninja pipped all the others to the post!

Arundel Castle provided a perfect backdrop for the RI girls to be together for the last time. They enjoyed a tour of the castle, where they learnt about some of the harrowing histories of the Arundel family. Later they discovered the beautiful, tranquil gardens with their multitudes of exotic plants and cooling water features. Finally – for those who had the energy – there was a chance to wander round Arundel town, with its many interesting shops.

Our final trip was to Raystede Animal Centre, whose moto ‘giving animals a better life’ is exactly what the Pre GCSE girls played a part in during their visit. They took Sonny and Sky out for their doggie walk; reassured 4 feline friends and talked with Alex, the playful parakeet. A great day had by all in spite of atrocious weather!

All our wonderful times together were crowned with a quintessentially English cream tea, and never a birthday was missed. A wonderful year – thank you all for being part of the RMH family this year – it’s been a real pleasure to have you with us.