Mr Carrington gives moving presentation in Assembly

Tuesday 6 January 2015

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Mr Giles Carrington, Market Development Manager, gave a moving speech on how Braille has changed the lives of blind people in this week’s assembly. Louis Braille was born in a small town outside of Paris. At 3 years old he injured his eye and by the age of 5 was completely blind. Despite this, Braille was determined to work hard and he was able to attend the Royal Institute for Blind Youth. In 1821, at the age of 15, he worked tirelessly on a system to enable blind people to recognise letters with a single touch of a finger. The Braille system was finally adopted by the Institute in 1854.

Giles Carrington, who was sighted 30 years ago, found a way to go to college and live independently after losing his sight. In his assembly he talked about how Braille has inspired and changed the lives of so many blind people even today; Giles would not have been able to achieve all he has without it. Giles described what it was like to be blind: “Everything is a surprise and it is frightening when your surroundings bump in to you without warning. The determination and focus of Louis Braille shows that in seeking an answer for yourself you can also change the lives of those around you and in the future”.