House Music Winners March 2016

Wednesday 16 March 2016

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It’s been a fantastic term in the Performing Arts. Particular congratulations go to the recent winners in the House Music Competition, We celebrated their success with a concert in Swann Hall which was really well received and showed off a cross section of the amazing musical talent at Moira House.
The winners of the House Music were as follows:
House Music Winners March 2016

Raphaella McDavitt-Lowe (Singing Grades 7-8)
Jasmine Lee (Piano Grades 1-2)
Eve-Jolie Kerswell (Strings Grades 1-2)
Hannah Ward (Wind/Brass Grades 1-2)
Katie Hillyer (Singing Grades 1-2)

Hanyi Feng (Piano Grade 3)
Helen Grout (Wind/Brass Grades 3-4)
Taliah Maidens (Singing Grades 3-4)
Tianlu Wang (Strings Grades 5-7)
Helen Grout (Piano Grades 4-5)
Maya Klein (Singing Grade 5)
Bronwen Trowhill (Wind/Brass Grades 5-6 )
Genevieve Lawrence (Wind/Brass Grades 7-8)
Isabella Conjiu (Piano Grades 6-8)
Megan Clarke (Singing Grade 6)

Also gaining Highly Commended:
Esme Scanlan ( Piano Grades 4-5 )
Leah Hallinon (Wind/Brass Grades 1-2)
Imogen Beale and Eve -Jolie Kerswell (Ensemble Class)
Camryn Gibson (Singing Grades 1-2)
Emma Walker (Singing Grades 1-2)
Jessica Banks (Singing Grade 5)
Jade Fenton (Singing Grade 5)
Tianlu Wang (Singing Grade 5)
Lana Harffey Burkhill (Singing Grade 6)
Olivia Beale (Singing Grade 6)

Congratulations to the many girls who took part and represented their houses. In partiular congratulations to the overall Gold Medal Winner of House Music 2016 – Hannah Richards. Overall Merlin won the competition.