Career guidence

At Moira House we understand the challenge of preparing young ladies for the future. For 140 years the school has been true to this founding principle. Our girls leave here with all the skills necessary for the challenges that lie ahead. Never before has it been so crucial to develop the skills beyond the classroom and mere academic achievement. Employers are looking to a future where traditional education measures are no longer enough. Whether it’s our Reception class on a tour of the school to question our key staff or preparing a sixth former for a critical university interview we take our careers responsibility seriously. Through our Tutoring and PSHCE programmes we take each girl on a personal journey of career understanding and aspiration. The girls at Moira House achieve outstanding academic success. This is rooted in excellent teaching and a very positive attitude towards learning. We take a holistic approach to the careers preparation ensuring that the girls have all the skills they need to support their high aspirations. One of our key partners in this provision in the Senior school is ISCO – the independent schools careers service. Supported by our own staff, they provide a framework for our careers support. Their flagship product is Futurewise. This is a personalised careers guidance and planning service providing support and development tools to help students make important decisions about higher education and employment. Our academic departments play an important role in career advice and support, none more so than in the preparation for moving on at the end of schooloing. Most of our girls go on to the top universities. Whilst most of them study in UK, some go on to other countries and we support them in their plans. The personal tutor system at the school means that each girl is supported on a one to one basis at this important time in her career.