Year 3 Put their OAA Skills to Practical Use!

Friday 14 June 2019

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Year 3 proved how well they have developed their outdoor resilience skills when they enjoyed a two day camp on Top Lawn at school in May. The girls’ first challenge was to learn how to pitch their tents, and they were able to work, first with help and then independently, to set up their tents. Considerable time was then spent on the organisation of belongings and learning the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of a campsite in order to be safe. One of the biggest lessons proved to be remembering to zip up the mosquito cover so as to avoid unwanted visits from curious bugs!

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With base camp up and running, we set off for an extended adventure up on the Downs, where the girls created a ‘hobby animal’, who then joined us in games, and races, and as additional guests at camp. The girls chose a long stick and stuffed a sock in any way they chose for the head. An abundant supply of natural resources were then collected to add features to bring each animal (namely a rabbit, a unicorn, a snail, a horse, a crocodile and a mythical creature) to life. This led to wonderfully creative play and story-telling throughout the rest of our campout.

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Returning to camp, the girls enjoyed ‘tent time’ playing games or relaxing and enjoying each other’s company before whittling sticks to toast marshmallows on, and building on thier Stone Age Day experience by practising their fire-lighting skills using flints. A delicious BBQ feast round the campfire was then enjoyed by all, followed by roasting marshmallows to make ‘smores’, a real highlight! Feeling refreshed, the girls were in fine voice; singing traditional songs and performing character parts during campfire storytelling. A quick wash and tooth brushing session followed, then to bed – the real test for all novice campers! Layering up, zipping up and snuggling down into their sleeping bags, the girls drifted off to sleep only being woken by their nosy feathered neighbours and the sound of the church bells in the distance.

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A hearty breakfast was required the following morning, cooked over the camp stove, ahead of the next adventure down at the seaside. Although the weather was not ideal, the girls picnicked and dodged the showers to create some fabulous beach art. They also worked as a team to build their own 3D bucket which they could then use for stone throwing competitions. Tired adventurers were then revived with delicious ice-creams and drinks or hot chocolate and cakes, at Holywell Café. It’s fair to say the return walk required some determination, but the girls kept going valiantly! Once back at camp, they then learned that a pitched tent also has to be dismantled, and in an organised fashion, so that all component parts return to their storage bag! This was done with good humour and a lot of reluctance, with many girls wishing for two nights’ campout next time!

We were delighted with the girls’ teamwork – it was a truly memorable experience, and one the girls are keen to repeat for longer next year. Well done girls!