Year 3 trip to Whatlington Church

Tuesday 11 October 2016

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Girls in Year 3 have been studying churches in their RS lessons and on Friday they had the chance to visit a Norman church in the parish of Whatlington. The trip provided a great opportunity to see some of the core features of a church in situ and to understand how a building can support Christians in their worship. They learnt about the history of the church (including how it was rebuilt after a fire in 2010) and how there has been a church on that site since 1066. They sketched some of the beautiful stained glass windows; completed a search to identify church features, including a baptismal font, altar, and lectern, and they even had a go at ringing the bells (which was a lot harder than they had anticipated!) Our thanks go to St Mary Magdalene church for enabling the girls to get such a ‘hands on’ learning experience.