Sir Ranulph Fiennes Visits Moira House Girls School

Wednesday 8 July 2015

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On Friday 3 July 2015, Moira House Girls School welcomed a special visitor, Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Sir Ranulph is an adventurer and explorer, having climbed Mount Everest, visited the North and South Poles, and completed seven marathons in seven days on seven continents. He was visiting Eastbourne to speak at the Congress Theatre with his long-time friend and expedition partner, Anton Bowring, in ‘A Life at the Limits’, organised by Speakers from the Edge, and requested a visit to the School in memory of his first wife, Virginia Fiennes.

Deputy Principal, Mr Kevin Ashby, gave Sir Ranulph a tour of the School whilst he reminisced in stories of his visits to Moira House in the early sixties when he was a student in Hove. Whilst studying for his A levels, he travelled to Moira House and climbed a Victorian drainpipe in an attempt to meet his girlfriend Virginia Fiennes, known fondly as ‘Ginny’, who then became his wife. The drainpipe led to the art room (which is still the art room today), where he hoped to meet with her, however, a School Housemistress was on guard at the time to escort him off the premises! Ginny also became an explorer and was the first woman to be awarded the Polar Medal.

Sir Ranulph is pictured at Moira House Girls School, pointing at the very Victorian drainpipe he climbed.