Paris Music Tour

Thursday 13 November 2014

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Thirty Year 7 to 13 girls recently went on a Music Tour to Paris along with Mr Cousins, Mrs Ashby, Mr Ashby and Miss Martin. During the trip they gave two public concerts, one at La Maison des Parents and a second in the Videopolis Auditorium at Disneyland Paris. The entire trip was a great success.

Having done a little sightseeing they settled in to their accommodation and day two saw their first concert. They performed at La Maison des Parents. They gave a concert that was extremely well received by an attentive audience. It was wonderful to hear our girls sing so beautifully in the choral items whilst we were also able to showcase many of our talented soloists including Nina Liebenberg and Dhivyaa Shanker (Year 13) on cello, Tianlu Wang (Year 7) on violin, Nina Liebenberg (Year 13) on piano, whilst Zoe Langford (Year 13), Nina Carron (Year 12), Sorrel Jordan (Year 11), Olivia Beale (Year 9), Raphy McDavitt-Lowe (Year 9), Isabelle Allen (Year 8) Taliah Maidens (Year 7) and Daisy Williams all sang solos. In addition to this Jasmina Manville, Rosie Toner, Jasmine Castledine, Dhivyaa Shanker (Year 13), Hannah Cory (Year 11), Liliana Winn (Year 11), Ellianna Manville (Year 10), Hollie Deane and Jessica Frisby (Year 7) all had solos within the choral items. At the end of this concert it was heart-warming to get such a positive, emotional and passionate response. After repeated calls of ‘Bravo’ an encore was demanded!

Their second concert was in the Videopolis at Disneyland Paris. The Disney organisation had extremely demanding and high expectations; after all, we were being presented as part of the park’s entertainment programme for that day. In order to perform Moira House had to send various audition tapes and meet a rigorous set of performance requirements. The experience on the day was an eye opener for the girls. Everything is run professionally and to a tight schedule.

The Disney performing arts director was extremely impressed with the girls and our concert. It was an honour to be told that we are welcome to return and perform and also take part in a special Disney performing arts workshop.