Junior Scholar’s Annual Challenge

Wednesday 25 November 2015

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This week our Scholars met with Dr Swingle Putland and Mrs Kemp to look at their aspirations and how they are contributing to the life of the School. As part of this meeting, the Academic Scholars were given their Annual Challenge. Having listened to parental feedback last year I have brought the challenge forward from the Summer Term, as many parents found there were so many other things to fit into that term that it put too much pressure on our Scholars.

This challenge has a different feel to last years, which centred around an autobiography, focussing on ambition. This year we reflect back on the 140 years of Moira House and the girls are asked to look at a range of disciplines to find out what was happening 140 years ago. As last year the idea is that the girls work as independently as possible, but do feel free to help them to locate the resources that they need. As scholars, one of their key development skills is to learn to organise their time well – the whole project is designed to last 10 weeks, and is due to be handed in by Monday 7th March 2016. My advice is that a little bit of the project is completed each week, but the whole project includes the Christmas holiday so when scholars start is up to them.

The standard of their final presentation needs to reflect that of a scholar, so you will need to check it carefully with them to ensure that it is truly their best work. These projects, alongside day to day performance in class provide the evidence needed by Mr Sheridan to be sure that girls continue to work at a scholarship standard and a selection of them will be interviewed and expected to be able to discuss their projects in detail. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any additional information.