EAL trip to Lewes Castle and Anne of Cleves’ house

Friday 6 February 2015

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EAL trip

Written by Vasilia Nazarova (Pre-A Group)

On Tuesday we went on an interesting trip to Lewes Castle and Anne of Cleves’ house. This sunny day began with a relaxing train ride to Lewes. We all felt really excited. When we arrived in Lewes we walked up to the High Street and then had an hour’s free time in which we had a wonderful time exploring the old and beautiful town and taking photos together. When the weather became very cold we went into a warm and cosy café and had a hot drink. Then we met at the top of a small hill to walk to Anne of Cleves’ house.

When we got there we met our friendly and professional guide, Joanna, who explained to us how the house was used in Tudor times (about 500 years ago). Then we went to the kitchen and found out that people have seen ghosts there; a little boy who cries and a woman who opens the door and goes out through the window. Everyone was a bit scared but we didn’t see anything spooky. We made herb bags with lavender which was quite fun.

Then we had a delicious lunch in the café before making our way to Lewes Castle. I would describe the castle as huge and very sturdy. We walked up hundreds of steps to the top of the tower where we took a really strange panoramic photo of everyone standing around the wall. Samantha appears twice! Then Joanna put Miss Bonner and Mr Martin in the stocks and we took some really hilarious photos. Finally, we learned how to spin yarn with a talented lady called Sandy. It was awesome!

The best part of the day for me was taking some really lovely photos with my classmates and I really liked the fact that we spoke in English for the whole day.