A Rounded Education

Our aim at Roedean Moira House is to nurture your talents, to spark your curiosity, to develop your skills, and to let your imagination run riot. That is because education is about so much more than just examination results – this is at the foundation of our holistic approach.

Roedean Moira House girls here do achieve exceptionally high grades in public examinations, but they are not driven by this – instead you will be able to pursue your passions, challenge yourself to do new things, and make some mistakes. This is precisely what will allow you to develop into a confident young woman with multi-faceted interests and skills, free from external pressures and expectations.

We believe strongly that a holistic approach to education will give you the skills of independence to manage your life and studies at university, the communication tools necessary to play an active and confident role in society, and the resilience to make your way in our increasingly competitive world.

Subjects on Offer

Humanities– English, Geography, History, Personal and Social Education, Religious Studies

Languages – French, Spanish, German, Latin, Mandarin, EAL (English as an Additional Language)

Mathematics & Economics– Mathematics, Business, Economics

Creative Arts– Art & Design, Photography, Design Technology, ICT & Computing, Learning Support

Physical Education & Sport– PE, Swimming, Games, Sports Teams

Performing Arts– Music, Instruments, Singing, Drama, Dance, Musical Theatre

Science– Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology