The academic life of the School is organised by faculties. Each subject and academic activity, which has its own Head of Department or Subject Leader, is placed into one of seven faculties.

Each faculty is led by a Head of Faculty who is responsible for all aspects of the delivery of the subjects within the Faculty. The Heads of Faculty, led by the Deputy Principal, Curriculum form the Curriculum Management Team.

In Roedean Moira House, the Subject Leaders and ultimately the Head of Faculty is responsible for the subjects in the faculty across all the Key Stages, 1 to 5, in which the subject is delivered. This model is a reflection on the school’s commitment to a seamless journey for the girls from Nursery through to A level. The faculties, together with the subjects they contain, are listed below:

Humanities – English, Geography, History, Personal and Social Education, Religious Studies

Languages – French, Spanish, German, Latin, Mandarin, EAL (English as an Additional Language)

Mathematics & Economics – Mathematics, Business, Economics

Creative Arts – Art & Design, Photography, Design Technology, Food Technology, ICT & Computing, Learning Support

Physical Education & Sport – PE, Swimming, Games, Sports Teams

Performing Arts – Music, Instruments, Singing, Drama, Dance, Musical Theatre

Science – Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology

Download our curriculum guides below to learn more about these subjects at Key Stage 3, GCSE and A level:

GCSE Curriculum Guide (Years 9, 10 and 11)
A Level Curriculum Guide