Junior World Book Day

The Clare West Library is a learning resource centre for use specifically by the Senior School and also the wider Roedean Moira House School community. The Library is open throughout the School day and at weekends and evenings for boarders.

The library provides a quiet study area, with books and periodicals not only relevant to our students’ studies but also to help widen and encourage their general interest and knowledge. Newspapers are delivered daily and computers for internet access, colour printer and networked library management system all help to enhance the girls use of different learning materials.

The library takes part in a number of extra-curricular activities. The student librarians are a great help to the librarians, helping to keep the library tidy and processing new books. The book groups MoHo Bookworms for Years 7 – 9 and the Bookchat group for Years 10 – 13 meet weekly and give girls a chance to share their favourite books with other students. These meetings always guarantee an hour of great conversation and book recommendations, are lively, fun and often include a song or two!

Every year the School Library participates in the Southern Schools Book Award and we also invite authors into School to speak to our students. World Book Day is also a major event on the School Library calendar. The day is celebrated by the girls with great enthusiasm, promoting literature and the enjoyment it can bring as well as being a great fun day of dressing up, exciting activities and of course, reading.