Learning Support


The Learning Support department works closely with academic departments and staff to enable every girl to reach their potential. We recognise that at points throughout their school career some girls may require additional input to allow them to progress and achieve and the department works closely with teachers, parents and pupils to provide this support. For the majority of girls this support can be delivered in the classroom by the class teacher through high quality, differentiated teaching and use of appropriate resources. However some girls may need more support and at Roedean Moira House we have a small team of teaching assistants who work with the girls during lessons. Occasionally it may be recommended that a girl receives small group or individual support outside of normal class lessons. This support would be delivered by the Senco and there is a charge for this provision.

All support, both in and out of the classroom, is carefully monitored and regularly reviewed by the Senco. Communication with parents is a vital and regular part of this process and as a minimum there are three reviews per year where parents are invited in to meet with the Senco and discuss their daughter’s progress.

The majority of girls who require Learning Support at Roedean Moira House do so in the core subjects of English and Maths. These needs are often because of or similar to those associated with dyslexia or dyscalculia. There are a small number of girls whose individual learning needs do not fall into these areas and provision for these girls is discussed with parents prior to admission wherever possible.