EAL in Years 9 – 11

Students join the main School and can study up to eight subjects at GCSE level. During the two or three year course, students learn in small classes with British students.

By studying at a UK boarding School in Years 7 – 9 your daughter will be provided with:

  • An excellent foundation for success at A level
  • Familiarisation with the UK education system from the age of 14 years
  • Preparation for achieving a place at top UK universities
  • Social and cultural awareness.

Where necessary, girls in Year 9 will have a reduced timetable to help support their English language development. The aim is to help them to access the mainstream curriculum as soon as possible. Their EAL lessons follow a broad syllabus which helps to develop the four language skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing. There is also a strong focus on vocabulary acquisition and improving grammatical accuracy.

In Year 10, depending on the students’ level of English, EAL lessons will be provided each week in addition to core GCSE lessons. The Year 10 syllabus continues to develop the four skills and to build on the grammatical structures introduced in Year 9. The girls also follow a graded reading programme to ensure they all acquire the academic English skills necessary for further study.

By Year 11, girls should have reached a level of English which allows them to comfortably access all aspects of the mainstream curriculum. Most of them work towards the IGCSE English as a First Language, which is widely accepted by universities as proof of a sufficient level of English for entry to higher education. However, if a student does not have a sufficient level of English to sit the IGCSE First Language exam, she will sit the IGCSE English as a Second Language instead.

For further details and to apply, please contact our Admissions Team on 01323 644144 or by E-Mail at groupregistrar@roedean.co.uk