International Students

Moira House has welcomed international students of all ages through it’s doors since they opened on 24th January 1875.   Our Boarding staff and EAL department understand international students needs and they play a vital role in supporting those international students settle into school life.  We ensure that each girl gets as much help and support as she needs.  Our aim is to take each girl who is developing her English skills to a level that will allow her to access the mainstream curriculum as quickly as possible.  Although the majority of girls join us to complete their education and proceed to top UK universities, we also have some who join us for durations of one month up to one year.   A number of these girls will return or remain with us to finish their education – like Esther:



We work closely with our international students providing a very personalised programme of study through a personal tutor system.  For those girls visiting us for up to one year (Short Stay), we have a dedicated Director of Studies who will ensure that your experience with us is rewarding.  Our curriculum and co-curricular activities are created to support the nurturing of individual talents and interests. Our GCSE and A level results for our international students are outstanding and the girls consistently perform to the highest level that universities and employers are looking for.

Information on our EAL courses can be found in the curriculum/subjects section of the web site.  


This course is aimed at those girls who are looking for a fully integrated boarding school experience. The course is normally for those students who are looking to enter the A level programme. However, it will also support those who want to spend one year studying with us and they over the age of 15years.

The girls who complete the course and sit the examinations, they are likely to take 6 subjects. They will attend a full programme of subjects but the examination subjects will be agreed as early as possible in the course. It is expected that the girls embarking on this course will have a level of English that allows them to access the 6 chosen subjects.

If you would like any further information regarding  study at Moira House, please contact our Admissions Department by E-Mail at