Treating every girl as an individual


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Mini MoHo Nursery

We follow the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum’ as set out by the Department for Education (DfE) and adhere to established daily routines at our Nursery. From the age of 2 years, the children have weekly swimming sessions in our heated pool. Children have access to the Nursery computers as well as the ICT suite in the main School where they enjoy working with the interactive whiteboard and individual computers. Regular French lessons, delivered by an experienced teacher, enable the children to explore a new language through songs and games in a fun environment.

Junior School (Key Stage 1 and 2)

The curriculum in the Junior School places emphasis on learning, wherever possible, from first-hand experience and developing skills, knowledge and understanding in practical and relevant contexts. The Foundation Stage Curriculum and National Curriculum guide the teachers in the content of the children’s learning, and are at the heart of the teaching programme. They have been creatively developed to foster excellence throughout and to particularly ensure high expectations in all specialist areas.

Years 7 – 9 (Key Stage 3)

In Years 7 to 9, the curriculum follows national guidelines, but also seeks to enrich students with supplementary subjects and opportunities. Latin is included and the three separate sciences are introduced in Year 9. We place equal value on every subject and students are encouraged to stretch themselves in every area, not just those they regard as relative strengths. Each girl is expected to participate in activities selected from our extra-curricular programme, which complements their academic studies, as life in the Senior School is not just about what the girls learn in the classroom.

Click here to download the Key Stage 3 Curriculum Guide.

GCSE – Years 10 and 11 (Key Stage 4)

We provide considerable support to help our students with making their choices at GCSE. The decision on GCSE subject choices is made during the Autumn Term in Year 9. Tutors discuss options with each individual and the girls are also given the opportunity to use software packages to help them with their decisions. For students applying to join us for their GCSE studies, we will also provide support during the application process. Typically, 6 core subjects are studied to GCSE in Years 10 and 11 (English, Mathematics, Science, French and Religious Studies short course). Students can then choose from numerous optional subjects. At Key Stage 4, we continue to offer a wide and various choice of extra-curricular activities, which help to enrich the life of a student during her GCSE studies.

Click here to download the GCSE Curriculum Guide.

AS and A level – Sixth Form

The Sixth Form is an important period in a young woman’s life. At Moira House we provide a stimulating and varied curriculum with up to 24 Advanced Level subjects offered each year. The vast majority of Sixth Form girls at Moira House study four AS and three A2 courses. However, a programme of academic study may be tailored to suit individual ability and interest. Sixth Form life and academic study are supported by a strong pastoral framework. Sixth Form Tutors monitor both academic and extra-curricular progress and work closely with girls to help achieve their goals. Along with guidance from the Head of Careers, Sixth Form girls receive support and advice on all aspects of the university application process. A varied Enrichment Programme provides leadership opportunities and additional skills, which ensure that Moira House girls receive an all-round education and are thus well prepared for life beyond the Sixth Form.

Click here to download the AS and A level Curriculum Guide.