Sixth Form

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The Sixth Form years are the culmination an extraordinary journey.  Our Sixth Form girls are provided with outstanding opportunities to achieve their very best both in and out of the classroom.  To encourage and support their aspirations the girls are provided with excellent pastoral care, helping them build strategies that will see them take on the challenges that lie ahead with all the confidence of self assured young women. Those joining us for the Sixth Form will quickly settle in and be made to feel very welcome.  They too are on a journey of discovery that provides all the girls with an opportunity to grow as a person. Roedean Moira House girls leave us as:

  • Confident leaders
  • Independent thinkers
  • Skilled in social etiquette
  • Skilled in social networking
  • Emotionally developed
  • Compassionate individuals

This skills development is not left to chance, but forms the basis of an enrichment programme that ensures that our girl’s education is holistic in nature and focuses on the development needs of the individual, regardless of their aspirations. For those girls with clear aims in Medicine, Law or aiming for Oxbridge, we have well established societies and programmes to prepare them for the challenge that they will face in their quest for success.


The Sixth Form enjoys a reputation for very high academic standards.  We deliver first class teaching across a range of traditional and modern A level subjects.


Sixth Form is about so much more than studies and fun is at the core of our girls’ experience.  A comprehensive and exciting activities programme, debates, invited guest speakers, trips and visits, sports as well as career seminars, ensure that, at Roedean Moira House, students receive an all-round education ensuring they are well prepared for life beyond the Sixth Form.  Our use of local amenities including the University of Brighton sports complex adjacent to our school, The David Lloyd tennis centre and our local theatres combine to provide a huge range of additional opportunities for our girls.


Our regular social events are a popular aspect of the Sixth Form experience; the highlight being the annual Graduation Ball held at the Grand Hotel.


Each Personal Tutor plays an important role in the pastoral care of the girls.  The Tutor supervises the academic, personal and social progress of each girl and gives them guidance and advice on all aspects of Sixth Form life culminating in a full programme of support in the university application process.

At Roedean Moira House, we place a strong emphasis on building a healthy relationship between each girl’s emotional well-being and her potential for achievement. Each Sixth Form girl is treated as an individual with her own set of needs to develop socially, intellectually, spiritually, morally and emotionally. A girl’s Sixth Form programme helps to instil the values of self-confidence, resilience, motivation, discipline, mutual understanding and consideration for others. Most importantly, we aim to foster within each girl, a sense of pride, not only in her academic achievement but also in the society to which she belongs.


Sixth Form brochure
Roedean Moira House – Sixth Form Brochure (PDF)