Pastoral Care

Our Motto is Nemo a me Alienus – no one is a stranger (other people matter). The school is founded on the principles that we each play an important role in our communities. On this basis Pastoral Care and an appreciation of caring for others has been established as an integral part of the life of Roedean Moira House. Built on a foundation of Christian values a student’s medical and pastoral care is very important to us. Roedean Moira House aims to develop an achievement orientated school community in which girls have the support and opportunities needed to grow physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. We seek to establish, develop and manage a school environment in which girls learn to respect individual rights and fulfill social responsibilities. For the majority of girls, the family and the school are amongst the most formative influences in their lives. It is therefore essential that a relationship of trust, cooperation and partnership develops between the school and family members, and that at all times, school personnel maintain respect for and sensitivity to diverse cultural values and family structures. The first point of contact for parents is their daughter’s personal tutor. We hold an information evening early in September giving tutors and parents the opportunity to meet and start to forge good relationships. Our Heads of Pastoral Care provide support for personal tutors and lead the girls in their section in issues of Pastoral Care and Well Being.  Boarders can also seek support from boarding staff and our boarding parents are encouraged to build a relationship with our very experienced boarding staff. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own behaviour by having this responsibility consistently reinforced. While pastoral care initiatives respect the privacy of students’ lives, some students and their families actively seek the School’s support at difficult moments. Within the limits of our resources and expertise, we are committed to the wellbeing of our girls and do our best to provide this intensified support when it is needed.