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Roedean Moira House Nursery caters for girls and boys from the age of 6 weeks. The nursery is open for 38 weeks of the year, running a holiday club for most of the school closure weeks. The daily sessions available are published annually and are available from admissions.

Roedean Moira House Nursery has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It has a homely and happy environment in which children feel safe and secure. It is a stimulating place where children can learn through play and flourish as they grow. As it is located on the main campus of Roedean Moira House, our nursery children benefit from a full range of experienced staff and facilities, including specialist language teaching, a fully equipped sports hall, heated indoor swimming pool and extensive grounds. In addition, the on-site catering at the school ensures the children have access to nutritious, wholesome and freshly cooked food.
There are three groups in the Nursery:

1. Baby Room – for babies aged from 6 weeks to 2 years old
2. The Caterpillars – for children aged 2 to 3 years
3. The Butterflies – for children aged 3 years and above.

The nursery offers a wide range of activities such as painting, water and sand play, puzzles, reading, junk modelling, singing, dancing, role play and much more. The children are encouraged to be creative and imaginative and develop a healthy interest in education and learning from the early stages of life. Through these different activities they are lead through a balance of child – led and adult led activities.
Roedean Moira House Nursery offers the caterpillars and butterfly children the opportunity to be taught by specialist teachers which is inclusive of the fees. The children are able to enjoy the experience of swimming, French and dance. One of the biggest influences on a child’s development is the outdoor environment and at Roedean Moira House Nursery this is a strong feature in our daily routine within the nursery. With a self-contained garden, furnished with a playhouse, sandpit and fort and extensive grounds that include the Junior School playground, lawned areas and free flow in the courtyard.
At Roedean Moira House Nursery we pride ourselves in the quality, experience and highly qualified staff we have. We believe that the children benefit from the knowledge of an Early Years Teacher, who plans and leads the children’s learning with the support of expert and skilful nursery nurses.
Structure to a child’s everyday routine is invaluable in creating secure and happy children. We follow the EYFS curriculum as set out by the Department for Education (DfE). This way our children feel safe and secure and are confident in exploring unfamiliar territory in their daily activities and routines.

Take a look at the nursery policies which can be found in the policy documentation section of our website.

If you would like to receive further information regarding our nursery or to book a tour please contact our Admissions Department by email at or phone us on 01323 644144.