Life as a boarder

Girls who board at Roedean Moira House are welcomed to a community where a happy, supportive atmosphere encourages every girl to go on to achieve her best. Our boarding staff are experienced in the initial and on-going needs of girls living away from home. Boarders live in age related houses from Junior Boarding (year 5 to 9), Senior Boarding (year 10 to 11) and Sixth Form Boarding. Each house is supported by a dedicated team of staff who look after their needs throughout their time with us. A Senior Housemistress heads a team of teaching and non-teaching staff, ensuring that the girls’ needs are catered for in all aspects of their lives and the connection between study and house is seamless.

Life as a boarder



Prep and Seniors boarding

The needs of boarders varies significantly depending on age. Our Prep Boarders are often away from home for the first time. The cosy atmosphere and outstanding care provide the girls with a safe and inspiring environment where their social and educational needs are taken care of by the Housemistress, her staff and the Prefects.

Senior Boarders are based in School House up to the end of their GCSE examinations. The girls are supported through this time by the outstanding staff who fully understand the needs of girls at this phase. The balance of support and challenge is finely tuned where the staff take the time to know the individual and her specific needs. The atmosphere is fun and purposeful with an emphasis on personal development whilst making the most of the opportunities that are available at Roedean Moira House.  Study remains guided and supported as the girls develop their independence.  In the GCSE year the girls develop independent study skills and have their study sessions in their own room.

Sixth Form boarding – Boston House

The girls in Boston House have all the facilities that they need to enjoy a fun, memorable and highly productive Sixth Form. Enjoying much higher levels of personal freedom, the staff are adept at identifying the amount of support needed by each girl to ensure she makes the best possible progress. The girls get a wonderful balance of social and educational opportunities which encourages them to be the successful young women that Roedean Moira House has been nurturing since its foundation in 1875. At weekends the sixth form boarders enjoy a level of freedom that is agreed in conjunction with their family, no matter where home is.  Boston House is the base for all sixth formers, day and boarding during the working day.  Common rooms, kitchens, study rooms and the library are all located there.  The Head of Sixth Form is based there and the sixth form team provide support for the girls throughout the day.  This  ensures a good work ethic and a good social atmosphere.

The weekend:

We are very much aware of the importance of a quality weekend experience for our boarders.  We are extremely experienced in offering the right balance of activity and personal space.  Our boarders have the opportunity to take part in diverse and enriching activities along with the many day girls who join in the weekend programmes.  In addition to our weekend enrichment we run a whole range of cultural trips including city sightseeing, historical monuments, museums and galleries.  West End shows, shopping trips and theme parks also form part of the programme catering for all tastes.  Day girls are also invited to join these trips making it a very sociable experience for the whole school.  A regular minibus shuttle service is run into Eastbourne allowing the girls access to the many local shops, cafes, cinemas and attractions.   In the evenings we host a variety of theme nights, movies, karaoke and quiz evenings. Our Sixth Form students are given given more freedom and are able to travel to Brighton on a Saturday o Sunday. We hold regular weekly meetings where the girls are encouraged to voice their opinion on life as a boarder and make requests for improvements including new activities which we are happy to add to our programme.

Statement of Boarding Principles and Practice

The core aim of the School is to prepare pupils to lead a full and worthwhile life in the wider world as well-rounded, confident, and balanced members of their communities and to seek the full development of the whole person in a respectful and responsible environment.
As part of this we wish to ensure that a high-quality boarding experience remains at the heart of the School and that girls from many different cultures and nationalities are received into the community.

In order to provide this we aim:
- to ensure that at all times we provide an environment where girls are safe and feel safe;
- to develop and practise systems which engender a sense of well-being, raise self-esteem, promote resilience and encourage mutual support;
- to give a wealth and quality of educational experiences which cannot be found elsewhere;
- to produce balanced and informed young adults who are well-equipped to cope with, enjoy and contribute to the outside world in a meaningful, compassionate and enduring fashion;
- to demonstrate awareness of, and to celebrate, diversity;
- to value individuals and encourage individual talents;
- to provide a wide range of enrichment opportunities;
- to provide support and advice;
- to encourage students to take responsibility for their actions or lack of actions;
- to encourage confidence and independence.

Roedean Moira House places great emphasis on catering for the needs of each pupil. Just as important for each individual is the ability to get on well with other people and be tolerant and understanding of the needs of others. The aim of our Houses is to care for and nurture our pupils in a manner which helps them to excel at what they do, but also enables them to learn the social skills and gives them the sense of community and responsibility which will equip them well for the rest of their lives.
At Roedean Moira House, we aim to create a safe, secure and happy boarding environment with an atmosphere which is homely and yet purposeful. Individuals are encouraged to excel in their own pursuits, to take increasing responsibility for themselves during their time at Roedean Moira House and, as they become older, to take on a certain amount of responsibility for others too. Our community is one where other people are treated with respect, sensitivity and consideration. We hope that our pupils will leave having gained the experience and confidence to be thoroughly independent and to act with an integrity which is tempered by a powerful awareness of the needs and sensitivities of other people in order to get the best out of themselves and those around them.
Staff are visible, interacting with the girls and purposeful in their approach to the Houses’ running and progress. Staff are self-reflective both individually and collectively, and are always seeking new ways to improve.